Carl is one of my favorite VO talents. His read is always spot on, he takes direction great from clients and he’s easy to work with and just a great guy too. His ISDN studio is fantastic and he has Source-Connect as well."

-Matt Berky, Massive Productions, Rocky Hill, CT.

“I have the pleasure of recording Carl Bishop for one of our national clients, and he is absolutely fantastic to work with!  Carl always embraces the spirit of the script, which I believe sets his work way above the rest.  Qualified, responsible, and always accommodating.  A voice this good makes my job easy."

-Chris Russamano, Fort Productions, Ridgefield, NJ

“Carl understands the very specialized, nuanced world of political spots, so his reads are dead-on. He’s also willing to be available 24/7 during a campaign. An essential for someone voicing a tight race.”

Dave Varenka, ZTriBeCa New York, NY

Words From My Happy Clients

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